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Sewage Treatment in Kent, Sussex,Surrey & Hampshire


Sewage treatment plants can completely solve your drainage problems when you are not able to connect to a main sewer line. Hydrotek will evaluate your individual property, then advise you as to which septic tank or treatment plant is most suitable for your needs. Residents from all over Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire have relied on our services for over 24 years, and we’ve yet to disappoint. We provide competitively priced, high quality sewage treatment plants, cesspits and septic tanks that are specifically designed and manufactured to exceed any Environmental Agency discharge standard.

Our available systems range in size from single household, maintenance-free units with low running costs to larger industrial systems that cater for populations of 300+ people. Custom-built to order, these systems are not mass-produced, yet cost no more than those offered on the market by leading manufacturers.

Two of our most popular brands of sewage treatment plants are the Bio Digester and Eco Digester. Both feature a range of models that serve anywhere from 6-32 people. Requiring little maintenance and very low ongoing running costs, Bio Digester and Eco Digester plants only need to be desludged once every two - five years, depending on useage, providing you substantial savings over time.

Remember, the cost of sewage treatment and desludging/emptying cesspits and septic tanks is continually increasing, particularly in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire. Any product which negates the need for annual waste disposal is a significant ongoing cost-saver.

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