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Being an established sewage treatment firm in Sussex, Hydrotek has been servicing the sewage treatment needs of domestic and commercial clients in the South of England for over 24 years. Scotty, the owner, has had over 30 years experience in the sewage treatment industry. Our service area covers sewage treatment, septic tanks and cesspits across
Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

Using our experience in sewage treatment and rural drainage we can provide fixed price quotations when requested with no obligation. All site surveys are conducted by Scotty, the owner, who will take the time to develop the safest, most economic solution for your sewage treatment needs.

Hydrotek oversees 2 expert sewage treatment installation teams, each of which is managed by an experienced site director in order to guarantee compliance with Local Authority and Environmental Agency requirements. We can also capably install and maintain pumping stations, oil interceptor separators and grease separators/traps.

We purchase and install the Bio-digester units for larger installations from 48 population upwards, these are submerged aerated media cylinders. All units up to 42 population we manufacture ourselves using the ecodigester models. All our units conform to the EA regulations. The smallest eco-digester unit is the ST6 which we can supply only at a cost of £1750 + VAT. For any installation quotation please use the contact form here.

We specialise in on-site Sewage Treatment, cesspits or septic tank where no mains drainage is available, at very competitive prices.

The products are designed specifically for individual houses that have a requirement for sewage treatment. With several years of experience in providing sewage treatment plants, the design of the Ecodigester system has taken that experience to provide a system that we believe will outlast and outperform any similar systems.

Simple process - quiet operation
Simple installation - no concrete back-fill required in dry ground
Simple maintenance - no moving parts underground
Robust construction - manufactured from heavy duty GRP
Long desludge interval - 2-5 years
Performance - 20/30/20 standard as required by the UK authorities

For more information on all of the sewage products and services we offer throughout Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Hampshire please contact us by telephone or email.