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Hydrotek Offers Full Maintenance
& Repair Services For All Sewage Treatment Plants.

maintenanceSewage treatment plants require regular emptying and servicing if they are to continue to function effectively, which is why we offer maintenance and repair Service Agreements to meet the varying needs of our South of England customers. The frequency of the required maintenance for your equipment depends on its size and usage, with each manufacturer setting a recommended service interval for the various dimensions of sewage plant. Hydrotek can carry out plant maintenance work on ANY type of sewage treatment plant, cesspit or septic tank system.

Our service agreements provide you with the following benefits:

• Priority for breakdown callouts

• Assurance that the equipment is being properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions

• Verbal service report after each visit informing you how the equipment is functioning

• Advice on how to best look after the equipment

• Registration records of sewage treatment visitations and sewage treatment maintenance are kept by us as required by the
environmental agency.