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How it Works


Ecodigester systems are an efficient and simple system that uses air and water in combination to provide the modern replacement for septic tanks. We have described a little of how the ecodigester works below, but remember we are more than happy to talk it through with you if you want to give us a call.

The Detail

Human sewage contains micro-organisms which require substantial amounts of oxygen to enable them to degrade rapidly.Without this process, untreated sewage discharges to the environment causing significant pollution.

By blowing air continuously into the treatment area of the unit, the Ecodigester supplies enough oxygen to enable the micro-organisms to degrade rapidly.

The air is diffused in very fine bubbles within a vortex inducer to create vigorous circulation within the treatment area, so that all the sewage contaminated water is continuously exposed to fresh oxygen.

Within this area solid plastic media is also used to ensure total breakdown of the solids and to provide an enhanced surface for the micro organisms to adhere to.

As fresh water enters the unit, water is displaced from the treatment area to the settlement area, ensuring that any solids settle before discharge to the ground or watercourse.

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As you can see the process is simple and effective, giving you a reliable method of managing your sewage treatment. Contact us now to find out more.